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1937 Angelotti's opened for business at 502 West 17th street, in May, 1937. Business was started in one room, with a beer license, a bar, several tables and chairs and a coca‑cola cooler. In August, 1937, Angelotti’s was granted a liquor license.

1938 Angelotti's started to sell Spaghetti. Realizing the need of a restaurant which would serve real Italian Spaghetti, we decided to specialize in spaghetti and try to satisfy the demands of many who craved Italian spaghetti. Our spaghetti brought good results; and at this time we found it necessary to hire more help and obtain more equipment.

1939 We started to advertise, the name Angelotti in connection with spaghetti, and as a result Angelotti's became known as the "Home of Real Italian Spaghetti" in Erie. During this year we found it necessary to rent and remodel a room next door; since, one room was not sufficient to hold the ever increasing business we were now doing. 

1940-1944 It was during these years that we were slowly fulfilling our ambition of a truly fine restaurant for Erie. We insisted on satisfied customers, and the people of Erie, were quick to accept the policies of Angelotti's; a refined atmosphere excellent food and courteous service were happily combined. Through advertising such as radio, newspaper, billboards and business ads, Angelottis was constantly before the public.  

1945 This seemed the opportune time for us to bring to reality to a dream which we had for a long time; a truly fine restaurant for Erie, which we felt Erie greatly needed. We began building the new Angelotti's. Nothing was omitted, no expense was spared, in giving the people of Erie, its most fashionable supper rendezvous.

The new Angelotti's consists of three rooms with a seating capacity of 200 people; (this being Erie's largest restaurant). Each room has an atmosphere all its own; monotony, either in decoration, atmosphere, food and drink is the last thing, that must be feared at Angelotti's. For the comfort of its patrons, Angelotti's has installed, air‑cushioned leather lounges, large leather chairs, Hygeaire units, cold‑catholide lighting which changes lighting effect anytime desired and complete air­conditioning. 

The restaurant and all equipment, materials, supplies and ideas are completely new in every respect. The restaurant is far advanced, in comfort, style, atmosphere than any other restaurant in Northwestern Pennsylvania. The kitchen at Angelotti’s is the only completely electrical kitchen in Erie.

All employees at Angelotti's are previously trained in their particular line of work. Each employee is taught the importance of neatness, cleanliness and prompt courteous service. At Angelotti’s, we have also tried to keep our employee's welfare in mind; and we feel that they have repaid us by long faithful service.

We at Angelotti's feel that our patrons are the finest in the city. Because of the many notables who have visited Angelotti's it is now known as the “rendezvous of the stars.”Vaughn Monroe, Jimmy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Charlie Spivack, Mario Lanza and Blackstone are just a few of the many celebrities who have been generous in their praises of Angelotti's. Angelotti's is Erie's leading family restaurant, since it has been our policy to be especially accommodating to the children. There have always been specially prepared menus for the children; and our waiters, have done all in their power to make both the children and their parents comfortable at mealtime.

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